Romei Group S.r.l. is thrilled to announce a collaboration with the University of Oxford’s Digital Twins course, a leading-edge initiative in AI education for Engineering Sciences and Built Environments.

The Digital Twins Lab

Directed by Ajit Jaokar and Dr. Lars Kunze, the course delves into the use of Artificial Intelligence, simulation, and Augmented/Virtual Reality (AR/VR) for modelling and solving complex issues in engineering and built environments.
This collaboration marks the beginning of a new laboratory at Romei Group. The lab, inspired by a novel methodology developed by David Craig Weir-McCall and Ajit Jaokar in this course, focuses on crafting Digital Twins applications for complex use cases. The methodology places special emphasis on rapidly skilling the next generation of engineers in AI, AR/VR and Simulation.

Lab Use Cases

  • Digital Twins in power line management, energy production, and transmission
  • Sustainability practices using digital twins
  • Digital twins for structural feasibility assessments
  • Large-scale construction projects developed using digital twins
Based on the real-life project experiences contributed by the Romei Group, this initiative offers students practical insights in AI AR/VR and Digital twins. The initiative will also provide opportunities for the local region – especially in skills development based on the insights from the University of Oxford.
We are especially eager about the prospect of inspiring a new wave of engineers through this course. Participants will gain insights into Machine Learning, Deep Learning, AR, and VR, empowering them to design and implement dynamic systems through virtual modelling. These systems enable rapid and repeatable testing, safety, environmental considerations and sustainability – all of which are critical aspects of modern engineering systems.
The course is designed for engineers and industry professionals keen on Digital Twins technology, blending theoretical knowledge with practical applications to prepare the next generation of engineers and specialised professionals for future challenges.

Collaboration and Partnerships

Our journey also includes collaboration with key industry players like Epic Games (Unreal Engine), Microsoft, and Neo4j, enhancing the lab’s resources and opportunities for innovation.

For more information on the course and how to get involved, visit Digital Twins: Enhancing Model-Based Design with AR, VR, and MR.