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Striving to carry out exceptional works

About us

Our experience with highly complex works and operations makes us market leaders in the construction sector.

We are a partner company of the Consenergy Group, we operate throughout the national territory with the possibility of work independently even abroad: we manage company operations from our offices in Castelnovo Ne’ Monti and La Spezia.


Our history

Roberto Romei established the company as a sole proprietorship on the 14th of February, 1988. The first services specialized in earth moving works for third parties and the construction of pole foundations for Enel Distribuzione.
Roberto Romei invests in the growth of his sole proprietorship by purchasing a branch of the Berozzi company in Bologna: it becomes Impresa Berozzi s.n.c. specializing in the power lines sector.
Following the systematic growth of the company and its high specialization, from Berozzi s.n.c. the company becomes ROMEI srl. Over the years the company has expanded its range of action to the whole national territory.
Two patents are filed: a patent for the structural consolidation of MV/HV power lines with reinforced concrete, and a patent for a seismic damper between poles and their foundations.
In April 2021 the company evolves further and becomes ROMEI Group: a new management body is established, allowing us to manage the growth of personnel and the increase in commissions in Italy and Austria.
Looking at the future, our main goal is to grow and invest in equipment and in our people, to manage any work in complete autonomy.

Viribus unitis!

Our people and our shared values are the core of our growth.

Over the years, the commitment of our team has allowed an exponential expansion of Romei Group.

The new managerial structure was motivated by the need to delegate and share decisions with other key members, evaluating strategies for the future together to anticipate market dynamics.

The sense of belonging of our people was the foundation for our growth and allowed us to stay on top of the curve, improve and face new challenges.

Our four business units

The growth and improved structure of our company allows us to operate in Italy and in Austria. The structure of our board of directors reflects our sectors of specialization.

Our new senior management includes our legal representative, our vice chairman, and four CEOs that manage operations in their respective sectors.


Specialization is key in our company, each strategic unit of ROMEI Group is managed by a CEO with strong experience in the sector.

Public and private contracts

Energy transmission (HV)

Energy distribution (MV-LV)

Energy production, renewable energy

Always looking ahead

It all started from an idea, a dream, from one person back in 1988 setting out to become, thanks to the commitment of all of our collaborators, an industrial institution and a big family, Romei Group.

Some of our construction sites

"Quot capita sed sententiam"

This is our motto: every resource is valued within our team. We’re here to listen to, train and engage our teams and make them the center of our growth.

With us you’ll have the opportunity to test and develop a wide range of soft and hard skills.

We only need a handshake to understand if you’re the right fit for our team.

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