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Emergency interventions following natural calamities

Managing hydrogeological instability

Our company is a highly dynamic entity, with a structure that allows us to face emergencies with timely interventions in case of landslides, landfalls and floodings. We operate with mobile cranes, off-road vehicles and machines, dumpers, excavators from 1 to 30 tons, walking excavators with drilling mast, power units, aerial work equipment for helicopter transport through cargo hook.

Over the years we have gained experience in first intervention and securing works, both targeted at temporary and permanent solutions, through the realization of specialized activities:

  • Rockfall barriers
  • Avalanche barriers
  • UX-Debris Flow barriers
  • Retaining walls and excavation support systems even on steep slopes, with SpC (Spritz Breton) reinforced and fixed by means of IBO – ANKER self-drilling anchors
  • Naturalistic engeneering works of any kind, evaluating the possible realizations based on the environmental context.

We operate in full autonomy, with any logistical condition and degree of operational difficulty.

Naturalistic engineering works

We carry out naturalistic engineering works for the consolidation and the restoration of slopes, evaluating various types of realizations taking into account the environmental context.

We are structured to autonomously carry out works aimed at securing slopes affected by landslides.

Naturalistic engineering works include double or simple timber pilings, timber or steel drainage canals, cyclopean masonry, gabions and mechanically stabilized earth.