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Structural consolidation
on special foundations

Our interventions are aimed at restoring any structure to its original integrity.

We work on buildings and other civil and industrial engineering works.

There are 2 methods for the consolidation of buildings.
  • consolidate the ground through the injection of resins into the ground below the foundations so as to improve its load-bearing capacity;
  • permanent consolidation of the structure with structural interventions on the building through drillings and installation of poles, micropiles, tie rods and reinforced concrete sub-foundations.
Romei group adopts the second system. We do not consolidate the ground, we permanently consolidate your building’s foundations through special foundations and reinforced concrete.

What causes cracks and structural failures?

There are several causes for the structural failures of houses, buildings and industrial warehouses. The geomechanical characteristics of the soil can change over time and be affected by periods of drought or heavy rainfall, especially in clay soils.

Gravel, sand and slit change due to the flow of water in unconfined acquifers. The presence of excavations, construction and interventions around the building too might affect its stability.

A very frequent cause of structural failures are sewage pipes leaks, including the building’s own pipes.

We operate directly on foundations with structural interventions through drilling, piling and reinforced concreted works, transferring the loads from the sub-foundation level to the deeper and more consolidated layers of soil.

How we operate in narrow domestic spaces

Our drilling rigs include equipement for drillings inside houses and other narrow and limited height spaces.

We own a probe with a 60KvA electric motor that passes through a 75cm door and works in a 180cm height with the necessary power to handle drillings up to 200mm in diameter by rotary-percussion drilling, water rotary drilling or CFA system.

Our equipment allows us to avoid the emission of exhaust fumes from traditions engines, which are difficult to handle inside houses, as well as vibrations during the exectution of the work.

We have experience in the use of resins, fibers, chains, etc. for the seismic retrofititng and improvement of elevated structures, beams, pillars and load-bearing walls.

Sismic retrofitting and improvement

In high seismic areas the consolidation of buildings to prevent their collapse is crucial.

We make use of resins, foils, fibers and other durable materials for the structural consolidation of buildings, industrial warehouses and infrastructure, so as to limit the damage caused by seismic events.

If you’ve spotted a crack and you’re seeking technical advice