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Infrastructure services and development

We’re committed to deliver projects that exceed expectations

We operate at a national and international level in complete autonomy, with state-of-the-art equipment and highly qualified personnel. We participate in public and private tenders and we are providers of the market leading electricity distributors.

Interventions in extreme environments –
inaccessible to others

We are equipped and trained to work in in places that are difficult to access.

Over the years, we developed logistic, structural and operational strategies to handle projects with very high executive difficulty.

We manage transportation via helicopters of materials, equipment and specialized personnel to high-risk sites. We dispose of demolition, drilling and injection equipment and machines that can be disassembled for air transport.

Industries of specialization


You can count on us for civil and industrial construction and renovation, as well as urbanization works.

Lines for the transport and distribution of electricity (low, medium and high voltage)

We are involved in all sectors of the production, transport and distribution of electricity in Italy and in Austria, where we established a dedicated entity to operate internationally.

Sustainable plants for the production of renewable energy

We have experience in the construction of sustainable plants for the production of renewable energy, including hydroelectric power plants, wind farms, geothermal and photovoltaic systems.


We operate independently to carry out drillings on any soil and at any depth and width, even in inaccessible sites

Structural consolidation on special foundations

We carry out structural consolidation works, including in confined spaces, for public and private buildings, slopes, bridges, viaducts and other structures.

Interventions following natural calamities

We’re a reliable partner for timely interventions in response to landslides, landfalls and floodings.

Do you have an ambitious project?