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Experts in special
structural works


We are leaders in the drilling sector: we have extensively trained our qualified personnel for special structural works.

We have tailor-made machines for small and large diameter drilling operations on any type of soil and at any depth.

We install:

  • micropiles with drillings up to 330 mm with or without temporary casing
  • tie rods, both active strands and passive bars from 15 to 90 tons, including testing with graphic survey of tensile stresses
  • Tie rods in self-drilling bars – Anker – IBO – TITAN
  • Sub-horizontal drains
  • Directional drilling conduits
  • Horizontal bottom conduits for drainage wells with corrugates steel plates with a diameter of 125 cm
  • Continuous coring-soundings and Standard Penetration Tests

We are equipped to carry out drilling activities in inaccessible sites with probes, compressors, walking excavators with drilling mast.

These machines have been designed and tailored to be quickly dissembles and transported by helicopter.

Soundings and samplings

We carry out geological surveys and undisturbed sampling with the Shelby – Osterberg technology.

This type of analysis allows to analyze the soil in depth to understand its stratigraphy, and evaluate its geological and geotechnical characteristics.

Horizontal bottom conduits in drainage wells

Special deep drillings inside drainage and structural wells are amongst the most complex activities in this field.

They are usually involved in the realization of connection conduits, water discharge and sub-horizontal drains, interventions are carried out in narrow and deep spaces.

Our teams are trained to manage the risks that might incur during drilling to safeguard their safety and obtain the best result even in hostile conditions.