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Project for Terna in Agnosine (BS) and Davagna (GE)


Construction of high voltage power lines and trellis installation for Terna.

The project included

  • Excavations
  • Earth moving works
  • Micropiles
  • Assembling the base of the new trellis
  • Reinforced concrete constructions

Standard or extreme operational mode


Duration of the work

6 months


The mountain site is inaccessible


We planned the allocation of our resources so as to handle the different phases and works involved in the construction of a power line as well as the preparatory works, in order to deliver according to the requested timeline and in complete autonomy.

Noteworthy technical details

We operated autonomously across 5 different sites at the same time thanks to our internal structure that allowed us to allocate the necessary number of resources to the project, both in terms of people, machinery and vehicles, ensuring the timely delivery of the project.

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